Fairever is a range of face and skin care products - cream and face wash - that are prepared from natural ingredients such as saffron, pure milk and wheat germ oil. These products not only provide natural fairness, but also make the skin soft, clear and evenly toned, by cleansing the pores.

Fairever Cream is available in easy to use SKUs such as 9 g, 25 g, 50 g and
80 g. Fairever Body Lotion keeps the skin fresh all day long and is available in two variants: Saffron and pure milk, and Fruit extracts and pure milk.

Spinz is a range of skin care products - talc and deodorants - for women. These products offer enticing, long-lasting fragrances that awaken one's peppy, energetic side while at the same time keeping the skin fresh under the sun. Spinz deodorants are available in 90 ml and 150 ml.